“Ankara grangul” takes important place among the biggest companies of the sector due to its great variety of products, satisfaction of clients’ needs and flexibility in fulfilling the tasks. We always meet deadlines and fulfill our orders according to clients’ wishes. Providing all necessary technical information in written or oral form in order to avoid confusion while selecting correct product is essential to us. We guarantee that all our products are of high quality and keep good relationship with our suppliers in order to get high quality products faster.

Meet customer needs in a timely manner and requested,
By written technical documents about our products, our customers need, as well as verbally inform a detailed way,
Made according to customer expectations in product selection, the choice to keep mistakes to a minimum resulting product returns,
Sectoral leadership and support the activities of design and development to achieve customer expectations,
To perform the conditions of guarantee our customers in the lurch,
Good and robust dialogue with our suppliers to provide supplier satisfaction and in this direction by establishing a better and more quality products to offer to our customers,
Manufacturing is not suffice to protect our current situation, our staff, our suppliers and our basic philosophy of continuous improvement at every point.